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martes, marzo 09, 2004

Como las regulaciones frenan el crecimiento

La economía de EEUU está repuntando en los últimos trimestres, pero los datos de paro siguen siendo preocupantes. ¿Por qué una economía que crece un 4'1% no crea empleo? David Ignatius apunta algunas claves en este editorial del Washington Post:

The U.S. economy is expanding nicely; corporate profits are strong; Wall Street is robust enough that some economists are beginning to worry about another "asset bubble." In short, it's a time when American companies ought to be optimistic about expanding their businesses, building new factories . . . and, yes, hiring more workers.

So where are the jobs? That remains the great economic paradox of this election year, and it deepened Friday with the release of another set of miserable employment numbers. The Labor Department reported that the economy added a paltry 21,000 jobs in February
Adding to this culture of caution are the regulatory changes that followed the tech collapse, the Enron fiasco and other Wall Street scandals.
One unintended consequence of the new rules is that they make it costlier for small start-up companies to go public.

A tomar nota.